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Matches 151 to 200 of 1739

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151 W/ parents Anny Fay Arnold
152 May be Edward's grandson, son of Asa, #W4236744 Anson Arnold
153 own house Charles 'Charley' E. Arnold
154 May be Edward's grandson Clinton Arnold
155 w/ parents Glen S Arnold
156 w/ parents James Mack Arnold
157 w/ older brother's family, William Arnold John Oscar Arnold
158 w/ parents Mary Arnold
159 Not in Oscar Arnold household Nellie Arnold
160 9/3 Mar/Sep 1821 (??), Jefferson, New York (??), 65y 7m 4d Oscar Arnold
161 w/ parents Ray C Arnold
162 Lived in Leesburgh, Kosciusko Colorado. in. Died while on a trip to Michigan. Samuel Arnold
163 w/ older brother, William and wife Elmina Samuel Arnold
164 Not in Oscar Arnold household Susan 'Susie' Imogene Arnold
165 w/ brother Charles and Malinda Arnold family Thaddeus Arnold
166 1900: based on john bodoh birth Mary Czeren (Cesarie) Ashley (Arselin)
167 1900: based on mamie bodoh birth Mary Czeren (Cesarie) Ashley (Arselin)
168 French Canadian Mary Czeren (Cesarie) Ashley (Arselin)
169 living with daughter Angie Rachael V. Austin
170 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
171 81a/81a - District 18 Gerald D. or G. Axtell
172 81a/81a - District 18- Rent home, $15/month, own radio William Hugh Axtell
173 Division 9 Ert Babb
174 Division 9 James W. Babb
175 Division 9 Martha (inlaw or sister of Ert) Babb
176 Division 9 Martha A. Babb
177 The Babb family was a very prominent family in Greene county and was related by marriage to the Johnson family. Many landmarks are named for this family who were previously from Virginia before settling in Tennessee before statehood. Onelandmark is the Babb's Mill Road, which presently exists in Greeneville, Tennessee. Martha A. Babb
178 Division 9 Samuel H. Babb
179 Joanna BAILEY
180 George Edgar had a previous marriage in Cass County, in the very early 1900's to Minnie Henton who passed away in 1905 when she became enveloped in flames rendering soap. After George remarried to Fannie and had their first daughter, he wanted toname her Minnie after his first wife & Fannie was against it, so they didn't name her for the longest time. They finally named her Hazel Minnie Barker. George Edgar Barker
181 Also Known As:<_AKA> /Red/ Cause of Death: oil well accident (fire) Kil led in an oil field accident Howard Samuel Barker
182 If he would have lived, he would have been very crippled. Orville Ward Barker
183 The name is sometimes spelled BARNETT Dinah BARNARD
184 Dorothy BARNARD
185 Hannah BARNARD
186 Hannah BARNARD
187 Mary BARNARD
188 Mary BARNARD
189 Nathaniel BARNARD
190 Assumption based on date of marriage. Ruth BARNARD
191 Ruth BARNARD
192 Samuel BARNARD
193 Sarah BARNARD
194 Sarah BARNARD
195 Susanna BARNARD
196 According to the Essex County Probate records (Probate Docket 1785), Th omas Jr was named as the eldest son in his father's estates settlement ( 6 Apr 1679).He acknowledged and accepted his settlement on 24 mar 1683/84 according t o the Norfolk County records - Vol 3 Leaf 316.Many researchers place his death as before 1715. Thomas BARNARD
197 Killed by indians according to his estate settlement (Essex County Prob ate Docket #1785)His probate records states he had four sons and eight children. Thomas BARNARD
198 Thomas III BARNARD
199 Birth may have taken place in Nantucket. Tristram BARNARD
200 Tristram BARNARD

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