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Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois

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Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I2344 Sanders 
2 Adams, William  Abt 1850Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3362 Sanders 
3 Dillon, Joseph P.  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3375 Sanders 
4 Dillon, Margaret Alice  1900Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I295 Sanders 
5 Dillon, Margaret Alice  1920Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I295 Sanders 
6 Dow  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3342 Sanders 
7 Dow  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3341 Sanders 
8 Dow  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3340 Sanders 
9 Dow  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3339 Sanders 
10 Dow  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3338 Sanders 
11 Dow  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3337 Sanders 
12 Dow, Benjamin F.  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I2403 Sanders 
13 Dow, Pleasant L.  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3335 Sanders 
14 Foy, Daniel  1855Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I307 Sanders 
15 Foy, Lucinda F.  1860Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I595 Sanders 
16 Foy, Lucinda F.  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I595 Sanders 
17 Foy, Mary F.  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I87 Sanders 
18 Foy, Morrill  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I324 Sanders 
19 Foy, William 'Willie' Daniel  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I592 Sanders 
20 Hunter, Ada E.  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I599 Sanders 
21 Hunter, Alvin B.  1860Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I2203 Sanders 
22 Hunter, Merton  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I2202 Sanders 
23 Hunter, Robert W.  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I596 Sanders 
24 Klock, Bernice E.  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I271 Sanders 
25 Klock, George Edmond  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I363 Sanders 
26 Love, William James  Abt 1850Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I2282 Sanders 
27 Love, William James  Abt 1864-1883Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I2282 Sanders 
28 McKenzie, Earl  1900Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I180 Sanders 
29 McKenzie, Edna M.  1900Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I181 Sanders 
30 McKenzie, Frank T.  1920Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I183 Sanders 
31 McKenzie, Herbert S.  1900Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I179 Sanders 
32 McKenzie, John Dillon Sr.  1920Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I182 Sanders 
33 McKenzie, John Marcus Jr.  1900Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I178 Sanders 
34 McKenzie, John Marcus Jr.  1920Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I178 Sanders 
35 McKenzie, Joseph 'Pete' Patrick  1900Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I123 Sanders 
36 Rinehart, Hannah  Abt 1850Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3124 Sanders 
37 Scott, Louie  1906Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I3336 Sanders 
38 Van Drew, Minne R.  1880Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I379 Sanders 
39 Williams, Matilda  1855Fairfield, Bureau County, Illinois I326 Sanders