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Greene County, Tennessee

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Cox, Margaret 'Peggy'  13 Feb 1816Greene County, Tennessee I244 Sanders 
2 Johnson, Alfred 'Wiley'  14 Aug 1831Greene County, Tennessee I96 Sanders 
3 Johnson, Elijah Kidwell  19 Feb 1833Greene County, Tennessee I1735 Sanders 
4 Johnson, Elizabeth 'Lucy'?  12 Feb 1845Greene County, Tennessee I2557 Sanders 
5 Johnson, James S  7 Oct 1812Greene County, Tennessee I243 Sanders 
6 Johnson, Joseph A.  30 Jul 1817Greene County, Tennessee I2470 Sanders 
7 Johnson, Joseph Addison Jr.  26 Aug 1817Greene County, Tennessee I2541 Sanders 
8 Johnson, Sarah Margaret  23 Oct 1846Greene County, Tennessee I1742 Sanders 
9 Johnston, Zopher Jr  Abt 1790Greene County, Tennessee I1696 Sanders 
10 Weston, Elizabeth 'Eliza' Ann  4 Mar 1847Greene County, Tennessee I2561 Sanders 
11 Willis, Rev Joseph A.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I3270 Sanders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Johnston, John Sr.  Bef 5 Feb 1855Greene County, Tennessee I98 Sanders 
2 Johnston, Zopher 'The Elder'  Abt 1809Greene County, Tennessee I1698 Sanders 
3 Samples, Robert  Abt 1850Greene County, Tennessee I5518 Sanders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Samples, Robert  Abt 1850Greene County, Tennessee I5518 Sanders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Babb, Ert  1850Greene County, Tennessee I3256 Sanders 
2 Babb, James W.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I3258 Sanders 
3 Babb, Martha (inlaw or sister of Ert)  1850Greene County, Tennessee I3259 Sanders 
4 Babb, Martha A.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1744 Sanders 
5 Babb, Samuel H.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I3260 Sanders 
6 Brown, Jane  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1708 Sanders 
7 Cooper, Christopher Jr  1840Greene County, Tennessee I1711 Sanders 
8 Cooper, Christopher Jr  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1711 Sanders 
9 Cooper, Hugh M.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1722 Sanders 
10 Cooper, Nancy M.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1725 Sanders 
11 Cooper, Phebe  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2495 Sanders 
12 Cooper, Robert S.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1724 Sanders 
13 Cooper, Thomas  1850Greene County, Tennessee I3112 Sanders 
14 Cooper, William  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1723 Sanders 
15 Cox, Lucinda  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2555 Sanders 
16 Cox, Margaret 'Peggy'  1840Greene County, Tennessee I244 Sanders 
17 Cox, Margaret 'Peggy'  1850Greene County, Tennessee I244 Sanders 
18 Johnson, Alfred 'Wiley'  1840Greene County, Tennessee I96 Sanders 
19 Johnson, Alfred 'Wiley'  1850Greene County, Tennessee I96 Sanders 
20 Johnson, Reverend Andrew 'Andy'  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2548 Sanders 
21 Johnson, Christopher C.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2490 Sanders 
22 Johnson, Cornelius H.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1740 Sanders 
23 Johnson, Eliakim 'Eli' K.  1840Greene County, Tennessee I1738 Sanders 
24 Johnson, Eliakim 'Eli' K.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1738 Sanders 
25 Johnson, Elijah Kidwell  1840Greene County, Tennessee I1735 Sanders 
26 Johnson, Elijah Kidwell  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1735 Sanders 
27 Johnson, Elizabeth  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2546 Sanders 
28 Johnson, Elizabeth 'Lucy'?  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2557 Sanders 
29 Johnson, Hila Martha  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2553 Sanders 
30 Johnson, James A.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2497 Sanders 
31 Johnson, James S  1830Greene County, Tennessee I243 Sanders 
32 Johnson, James S  1840Greene County, Tennessee I243 Sanders 
33 Johnson, James S  1850Greene County, Tennessee I243 Sanders 
34 Johnson, John B.  1840Greene County, Tennessee I1739 Sanders 
35 Johnson, John B.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1739 Sanders 
36 Johnson, John Henderson  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2489 Sanders 
37 Johnson, John Jackson Jr.  1830Greene County, Tennessee I1732 Sanders 
38 Johnson, John Jackson Jr.  1840Greene County, Tennessee I1732 Sanders 
39 Johnson, John Jackson Jr.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1732 Sanders 
40 Johnson, Joseph A.  1830Greene County, Tennessee I2470 Sanders 
41 Johnson, Joseph A.  1840Greene County, Tennessee I2470 Sanders 
42 Johnson, Joseph A.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2470 Sanders 
43 Johnson, Joseph Addison Jr.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2541 Sanders 
44 Johnson, Landon Carter  1830Greene County, Tennessee I2468 Sanders 
45 Johnson, Landon Carter  1840Greene County, Tennessee I2468 Sanders 
46 Johnson, Landon Carter 'Cart'  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1743 Sanders 
47 Johnson, Louise  1830Greene County, Tennessee I2466 Sanders 
48 Johnson, Margarett J.  1850Greene County, Tennessee I2556 Sanders 
49 Johnson, Martin Van Buren  1850Greene County, Tennessee I1741 Sanders 
50 Johnson, Mary  1830Greene County, Tennessee I2469 Sanders 

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Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Samples / Hannah  11 Nov 1794Greene County, Tennessee F3975 Sanders 
2 Maloney / Cooper  8 May 1805Greene County, Tennessee F1233 Sanders 
3 Johnston / McKahen  7 Feb 1809Greene County, Tennessee F74 Sanders 
4 Johnston / Cooper  18 Dec 1816Greene County, Tennessee F1812 Sanders 
5 Johnston / Cooper  28 Jan 1817Greene County, Tennessee F1227 Sanders 
6 Maloney / Samples  6 Dec 1821Greene County, Tennessee F489 Sanders 
7 Cooper / Maloney  1 Aug 1822Greene County, Tennessee F1239 Sanders 
8 Johnson / Cox  10 Apr 1834Greene County, Tennessee F183 Sanders 
9 Johnson / Cradic  23 May 1848Greene County, Tennessee F1740 Sanders 
10 Johnson / Babb  28 Feb 1855Greene County, Tennessee F1257 Sanders