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Whiteside County, Illinois

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Sylvia M.  30 May 1884Whiteside County, Illinois I1525 Sanders 
2 Forward, Ella E.  22 Jun 1870Whiteside County, Illinois I2405 Sanders 
3 Foy, Albert Edgar M.D.  13 Sep 1856Whiteside County, Illinois I359 Sanders 
4 Foy, Austin T  Jul 1846Whiteside County, Illinois I575 Sanders 
5 Foy, Emma J.  11 Aug 1858Whiteside County, Illinois I360 Sanders 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dickenson, Nancy P.  16 or 17 Jul 1900Whiteside County, Illinois I86 Sanders 
2 Foy, Albert Edgar M.D.  24 Dec 1881Whiteside County, Illinois I359 Sanders 
3 Foy, Mary  4 Sep 1871Whiteside County, Illinois I388 Sanders 
4 Jones, Nancy A.  1871Whiteside County, Illinois I3324 Sanders 
5 Morrill, Martha  20 Dec 1868Whiteside County, Illinois I2251 Sanders 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Rachael V.  1869Whiteside County, Illinois I2150 Sanders 
2 Booth, Ashley  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I2279 Sanders 
3 Booth, Ashley  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I2279 Sanders 
4 Booth, Bertha G  1885Whiteside County, Illinois I2333 Sanders 
5 Booth, Henry Elden?  1885Whiteside County, Illinois I2332 Sanders 
6 Booth, William A.  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I2280 Sanders 
7 Booth, William A.  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I2280 Sanders 
8 Dickenson, Nancy P.  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I86 Sanders 
9 Dow, Benjamin F.  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I2403 Sanders 
10 Eldred, Michael  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I5545 Sanders 
11 Foy, Almon W.  1869Whiteside County, Illinois I342 Sanders 
12 Foy, Augusta E.  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I88 Sanders 
13 Foy, Mariba (F4)  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I5114 Sanders 
14 Foy, Mariba (F4)  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I5114 Sanders 
15 Foy, Mary  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I388 Sanders 
16 Foy, Mary  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I388 Sanders 
17 Foy, Mary F.  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I87 Sanders 
18 Hurd, Adaliza 'Eliza'  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I2281 Sanders 
19 Jones, Sarah E.  Abt 1852-1856Whiteside County, Illinois I2164 Sanders 
20 McKenzie, Frank Mortimer  1880Whiteside County, Illinois I335 Sanders 
21 Seeley, Jeduthan Jr.  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I5544 Sanders 
22 Seeley, Marvin  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I5546 Sanders 
23 Seeley, Marvin  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I5546 Sanders 
24 Seeley, Mary Celestia 'Celeste'  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I5549 Sanders 
25 Seeley, Susan (Tamson?)  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I5547 Sanders 
26 Seeley, Susan (Tamson?)  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I5547 Sanders 
27 Seeley, William F  1840Whiteside County, Illinois I5548 Sanders 
28 Seeley, William F  1850Whiteside County, Illinois I5548 Sanders 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Nichols / Seeley  11 Mar 1852Whiteside County, Illinois F3996 Sanders 
2 Dow / Jones  25 Nov 1856Whiteside County, Illinois F1530 Sanders 
3 Dow / Greenman  13 Oct 1859Whiteside County, Illinois F2335 Sanders 
4 Foy / Drain  15 Feb 1860Whiteside County, Illinois F260 Sanders 
5 Ballou / Seeley  11 Apr 1861Whiteside County, Illinois F3998 Sanders 
6 Greenman / Dow  18 Jun 1861Whiteside County, Illinois F2340 Sanders 
7 Seeley / Martin  8 Jan 1863Whiteside County, Illinois F3997 Sanders 
8 Eldred / Foy  25 Dec 1863Whiteside County, Illinois F252 Sanders 
9 Foy / Arnold  18 Nov 1866Whiteside County, Illinois F61 Sanders 
10 Foy / Austin  6 Jan 1869Whiteside County, Illinois F251 Sanders 
11 Forward / Foy  31 Jan 1869Whiteside County, Illinois F262 Sanders 
12 Renslow / Foy  5 Oct 1873Whiteside County, Illinois F244 Sanders 
13 Forward / Cramphin  21 Dec 1873Whiteside County, Illinois F2547 Sanders 
14 Foy / Van Drew  28 Mar 1878Whiteside County, Illinois F239 Sanders 
15 McKenzie / Foy  8 Feb 1880Whiteside County, Illinois F246 Sanders 
16 Burdick / Foy  3 Jan 1882Whiteside County, Illinois F402 Sanders 
17 Burns / Emmons  15 Feb 1899Whiteside County, Illinois F234 Sanders 
18 Foy / Breed  25 Dec 1912Whiteside County, Illinois F237 Sanders 
19 Foy / Pierce  Nov 1916Whiteside County, Illinois F281 Sanders