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Iliff, Logan County, Colorado

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Foy, Everett  1911Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I77 Sanders 
2 Foy, Lillian 'Lil' Mary  8 Mar 1909Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I76 Sanders 
3 Foy, Marguerite 'Margie' Ann  2 May 1912Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I20 Sanders 
4 McKenzie, Alice LaMae  2 Oct 1926Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I127 Sanders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Foy, Everett  1911Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I77 Sanders 
2 Yahn, David Sylvester  12 May 1988Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I130 Sanders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Maude Elizabeth  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I305 Sanders 
2 Dillon, Joseph P.  1900Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I3375 Sanders 
3 Dillon, Margaret Alice  1909Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I295 Sanders 
4 Dillon, Margaret Alice  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I295 Sanders 
5 Foy, Edgar 'Ed' Arnold  1908Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I71 Sanders 
6 Foy, Edgar 'Ed' Arnold  17 May 1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I71 Sanders 
7 Foy, Edgar 'Ed' Arnold  12 Sep 1918Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I71 Sanders 
8 Foy, George 'Phil' Philbert  17 May 1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I75 Sanders 
9 Foy, Lillian 'Lil' Mary  17 May 1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I76 Sanders 
10 Foy, Pauline Anne  17 May 1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I74 Sanders 
11 Foy, Veronica 'Verona' Elizabeth  17 May 1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I73 Sanders 
12 Leabo, Erebus Arthur  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I304 Sanders 
13 Leabo, Erebus Clyde  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I126 Sanders 
14 Leabo, Lloyd 'Buzz' L.  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I306 Sanders 
15 McKenzie, Earl  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I180 Sanders 
16 McKenzie, Edna M.  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I181 Sanders 
17 McKenzie, Frank T.  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I183 Sanders 
18 McKenzie, Herbert S.  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I179 Sanders 
19 McKenzie, John Dillon Sr.  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I182 Sanders 
20 McKenzie, John Marcus Jr.  1909Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I178 Sanders 
21 McKenzie, John Marcus Jr.  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I178 Sanders 
22 McKenzie, Joseph 'Pete' Patrick  1909Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I123 Sanders 
23 McKenzie, Joseph 'Pete' Patrick  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I123 Sanders 
24 McKenzie, Joseph 'Pete' Patrick  1916Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I123 Sanders 
25 McKenzie, Joseph 'Pete' Patrick  1944-1947Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I123 Sanders 
26 McKenzie, Margaret  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I185 Sanders 
27 McKenzie, Ralph  1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I184 Sanders 
28 Weber, Johanna 'Jennie' Lucille  1909Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I72 Sanders 
29 Weber, Johanna 'Jennie' Lucille  17 May 1910Iliff, Logan County, Colorado I72 Sanders 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 McGinley / Foy  Jun 1933Iliff, Logan County, Colorado F56 Sanders