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Sullivan County, Missouri

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Cowhick, James William  Apr 1851Sullivan County, Missouri I3174 Sanders 
2 Duff, Margaret 'Maggie' Ann  31 Jul 1868Sullivan County, Missouri I654 Sanders 
3 Johnson, James C.  May 1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2481 Sanders 
4 Johnson, Joseph Sylvestor 'Joe Dan'  13 Jan 1859Sullivan County, Missouri I2477 Sanders 
5 Johnson, Robert A 'Bob' Maloney  21 Oct 1863Sullivan County, Missouri I219 Sanders 
6 Johnson, Roy  23 Dec 1883Sullivan County, Missouri I2572 Sanders 
7 Johnson, Samuel P.  25 Nov 1861Sullivan County, Missouri I2502 Sanders 
8 Maloney, Martha 'Marthie' Ansis  29 May 1843Sullivan County, Missouri I97 Sanders 
9 Phipps, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Francis  1 Sep 1880Sullivan County, Missouri I235 Sanders 
10 Phipps, Jesse Asbury  12 Apr 1873Sullivan County, Missouri I233 Sanders 
11 Phipps, Jessie May  7 Oct 1910Sullivan County, Missouri I689 Sanders 
12 Phipps, Walter Allen  26 Nov 1903Sullivan County, Missouri I1632 Sanders 
13 Sanders, John Samuel  26 May 1857Sullivan County, Missouri I2049 Sanders 
14 Smith, Angeline  17 Sep 1857Sullivan County, Missouri I1524 Sanders 
15 Smith, Mary  10 Apr 1859Sullivan County, Missouri I3219 Sanders 
16 Snapp, Otha 'Othie' Albert  11 Feb 1870Sullivan County, Missouri I2600 Sanders 
17 Waller, Letha Jane  8 Jan 1886Sullivan County, Missouri I5256 Sanders 
18 Weston, Page 'Son' Columbus  6 Aug 1852Sullivan County, Missouri I1594 Sanders 
19 Weston, William Barton  15 Aug 1856Sullivan County, Missouri I225 Sanders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Nancy  1 Jul 1869Sullivan County, Missouri I2653 Sanders 
2 Cowhick, James William  1923Sullivan County, Missouri I3174 Sanders 
3 Hatcher, Lilly M  25 Dec 1891Sullivan County, Missouri I3242 Sanders 
4 Hudson, Asahel Ward  Abt 1890Sullivan County, Missouri I2114 Sanders 
5 Johnson, Catherine Elizabeth  1934Sullivan County, Missouri I2488 Sanders 
6 Johnson, John B.  19 Jul 1890Sullivan County, Missouri I1739 Sanders 
7 Linn, Minerva E.  8 May 1898Sullivan County, Missouri I2605 Sanders 
8 Maloney, Jane 'Jennie'  12 Nov 1877Sullivan County, Missouri I1721 Sanders 
9 Morris or Shaw, Mary Ann  11 Dec 1899Sullivan County, Missouri I2096 Sanders 
10 Sanders, John Samuel  4 Jul 1908Sullivan County, Missouri I2049 Sanders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Brassfield, Nancy  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2472 Sanders 
2 Brown, Moses W.  1872Sullivan County, Missouri I3249 Sanders 
3 Cooper, Christopher Jr  1851Sullivan County, Missouri I1711 Sanders 
4 Cooper, Christopher Jr  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1711 Sanders 
5 Cooper, Hugh M.  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1722 Sanders 
6 Cooper, Nancy M.  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1725 Sanders 
7 Cooper, Robert S.  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1724 Sanders 
8 Cooper, William  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1723 Sanders 
9 Cox, Margaret 'Peggy'  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I244 Sanders 
10 Johnson, Alfred  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2476 Sanders 
11 Johnson, Alfred 'Wiley'  Abt 1858Sullivan County, Missouri I96 Sanders 
12 Johnson, Alfred 'Wiley'  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I96 Sanders 
13 Johnson, Ambrose W.  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2480 Sanders 
14 Johnson, Anna 'Anne' E.  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2413 Sanders 
15 Johnson, Catherine Elizabeth  1872Sullivan County, Missouri I2488 Sanders 
16 Johnson, Catherine Elizabeth  1879Sullivan County, Missouri I2488 Sanders 
17 Johnson, David  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2474 Sanders 
18 Johnson, Eliakim 'Eli' K.  1855Sullivan County, Missouri I1738 Sanders 
19 Johnson, Eliakim 'Eli' K.  1883Sullivan County, Missouri I1738 Sanders 
20 Johnson, James S  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I243 Sanders 
21 Johnson, Joseph A.  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2470 Sanders 
22 Johnson, Joseph Sylvestor 'Joe Dan'  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2477 Sanders 
23 Johnson, Landon Carter 'Cart'  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1743 Sanders 
24 Johnson, Landon Carter 'Cart'  1884Sullivan County, Missouri I1743 Sanders 
25 Johnson, Margaret  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2479 Sanders 
26 Johnson, Martha 'Mattie' Jane  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2414 Sanders 
27 Johnson, Martin Van Buren  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1741 Sanders 
28 Johnson, Mary E.  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2411 Sanders 
29 Johnson, Meloda 'Melinday'  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2473 Sanders 
30 Johnson, Rachel  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2475 Sanders 
31 Johnson, Rufus Bailey  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1737 Sanders 
32 Johnson, Sarah Margaret  1859Sullivan County, Missouri I1742 Sanders 
33 Johnson, Sarah Margaret  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1742 Sanders 
34 Johnson, Valentine  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I2412 Sanders 
35 Jones, Mary  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1610 Sanders 
36 Maloney, Elizabeth Ann  1850Sullivan County, Missouri I1641 Sanders 
37 Maloney, Elizabeth Ann  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1641 Sanders 
38 Maloney, Jane 'Jennie'  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1721 Sanders 
39 Maloney, John Jr  Between 1840-1843Sullivan County, Missouri I723 Sanders 
40 Maloney, John Jr  1850Sullivan County, Missouri I723 Sanders 
41 Maloney, John Jr  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I723 Sanders 
42 Maloney, Joseph B.  1850Sullivan County, Missouri I1639 Sanders 
43 Maloney, Martha 'Marthie' Ansis  1850Sullivan County, Missouri I97 Sanders 
44 Maloney, Martha 'Marthie' Ansis  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I97 Sanders 
45 Maloney, Samuel  1850Sullivan County, Missouri I1638 Sanders 
46 Maloney, William C.  1850Sullivan County, Missouri I1640 Sanders 
47 McKahen, Catherine 'Caty'  Abt 1858Sullivan County, Missouri I1695 Sanders 
48 McKahen, Catherine 'Caty'  1860Sullivan County, Missouri I1695 Sanders 
49 Samples, Jennie  Between 1840-1843Sullivan County, Missouri I1715 Sanders 
50 Sanders, William S.  1856-61Sullivan County, Missouri I1872 Sanders 

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Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Sanders / Pile  1 May 1856Sullivan County, Missouri F1413 Sanders 
2 Johnson / Linn  11 May 1862Sullivan County, Missouri F1261 Sanders 
3 Johnson / Maloney  24 Aug 1862Sullivan County, Missouri F73 Sanders 
4 Johnson / Weston  9 Jun 1864Sullivan County, Missouri F1260 Sanders 
5 Todd / Ralls  12 Apr 1865Sullivan County, Missouri F2253 Sanders 
6 Cooper / Dell  15 Jun 1865Sullivan County, Missouri F1246 Sanders 
7 Doolin / Johnson  31 Dec 1865Sullivan County, Missouri F1264 Sanders 
8 Snapp / Pile  13 Feb 1870Sullivan County, Missouri F1531 Sanders 
9 Cowhick / Ellwood  29 Apr 1872Sullivan County, Missouri F2287 Sanders 
10 Johnson / Daly  20 Aug 1872Sullivan County, Missouri F3048 Sanders 
11 Brown / Johnson  22 Dec 1872Sullivan County, Missouri F2289 Sanders 
12 Snapp / Hulse  27 Feb 1873Sullivan County, Missouri F452 Sanders 
13 Hatcher / Doolin  29 Oct 1874Sullivan County, Missouri F2278 Sanders 
14 Dickeson / Sanders  2 Sep 1875Sullivan County, Missouri F1417 Sanders 
15 Tunell / Lane  5 Apr 1877Sullivan County, Missouri F2170 Sanders 
16 Johnson / Brown  7 May 1877Sullivan County, Missouri F1263 Sanders 
17 Doolin / Johnson  6 Jun 1877Sullivan County, Missouri F1695 Sanders 
18 Johnson / McVey  13 Jan 1878Sullivan County, Missouri F1748 Sanders 
19 Cowhick / Johnson  20 Feb 1879Sullivan County, Missouri F1755 Sanders 
20 Sanders / Cutsinger  11 May 1879Sullivan County, Missouri F1419 Sanders 
21 Johnson / Rhodes  25 May 1882Sullivan County, Missouri F3114 Sanders 
22 Weston / Fisher  2 Jul 1882Sullivan County, Missouri F1160 Sanders 
23 West / Weston  3 May 1883Sullivan County, Missouri F1173 Sanders 
24 Johnson / Doolin  22 Nov 1883Sullivan County, Missouri F1746 Sanders 
25 Johnson / Dunlap  7 Aug 1887Sullivan County, Missouri F3115 Sanders 
26 Lewis / Johnson  20 Oct 1895Sullivan County, Missouri F1819 Sanders 
27 Ross / Johnson  Aug 19-23, 1898Sullivan County, Missouri F2292 Sanders 
28 Johnson / Phipps  18 Oct 1898Sullivan County, Missouri F168 Sanders 
29 Phipps / Milner  Feb 23-Mar 7, 1899Sullivan County, Missouri F175 Sanders 
30 Seaman / Johnson  Feb 15-17, 1902Sullivan County, Missouri F3145 Sanders 
31 Callihan / Johnson  Jan 24-26, 1903Sullivan County, Missouri F1824 Sanders 
32 Johnson / McCullough  20 Sep 1903Sullivan County, Missouri F47 Sanders 
33 Milner / Smith  Sep 24 - 26, 1904Sullivan County, Missouri F174 Sanders 
34 McNabb / Johnson  Apr 29-May 13, 1905Sullivan County, Missouri F2294 Sanders 
35 Johnson / May  4 Feb 1905Sullivan County, Missouri F1822 Sanders 
36 May / Johnson  25 Mar 1906Sullivan County, Missouri F3146 Sanders 
37 May / Johnson  15 Apr 1906Sullivan County, Missouri F1826 Sanders 
38 Jackson / Milner  1 Jan 1907Sullivan County, Missouri F176 Sanders 
39 Johnson / Nida  Aft 22 Aug 1910Sullivan County, Missouri F2270 Sanders 
40 Johnson / West  13 Sep 1910Sullivan County, Missouri F3148 Sanders 
41 Johnson / Taylor  29 Oct 1916Sullivan County, Missouri F2272 Sanders 
42 Johnson / Waller  19 Nov 1916Sullivan County, Missouri F2295 Sanders 
43 Doolin / Johnson  Mar 10-Apr 5, 1923Sullivan County, Missouri F1831 Sanders